About us

Hermosa London was formed in 2017 after a one-too-many-times wardrobe frustration : travelling from home to holiday in effortless style. After years of the straw tote that's awkward to stow, or the heavy leather shoulder bag which weighs enough without any of your travelling essentials in - enough was enough. 

And so began months of globally popular fabric research: leather? - definitely not, too heavy. Cotton? - perhaps but too easy to mark...Neoprene? Lightweight - yes, strong and durable - yes, easy to clean - yes, soft to touch - yes ! Already hugely popular in other countries, neoprene was chosen and so, became, Hermosa London and its signature tote bag - the All Rounder.

Epitomising its name, the Hermosa All Rounder embodies a relaxed finish – perfect for Londoners and beyond - and can take you from home to beach, to the gym, to the park, to your kids anything...to your life. All, without compromising style or practicality. 

So far we've seen the All Rounder used as a weekend bag, a gym bag, a picnic basket, a baby bag, an office in a bag bag...it is perfect for busy women, everywhere.

We are so excited for you to join the Hermosa London journey.

Hermosa London   xo